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Tribute to Our Founder


On Sunday, October 17, a ceremony was held at Pier B in honor of our late founder, Chuck Wollack. A beautiful bench has been installed in his memory that overlooks the marina, Bayfront Park and the Aerial Lift Bridge.

Since 2015, The St. Louis River Experience has taken out over 8,000 passengers - mostly the seniors in our community - up and down the St. Louis River.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Chuck for making this possible for so many of our riders. He will always be in our hearts!


Bench photos courtesy of Dick Florey. Thank you, Dick!


Your donation will help strengthen our mission in making the St. Louis River Experience a successful program for our community.


The St. Louis River Experience is a local, nonprofit service organization dedicated to helping our riders enjoy the beautiful St. Louis River.


SLR volunteers take seniors, veterans and those with special needs out on a specially-equipped pontoon to enjoy and take in nature’s breathtaking sites on our excursions. SLR is very excited to bring awareness of our local treasure, the St. Louis River.


Get Involved

We are always on the lookout for dedicated volunteers to be a part of our program. Fill out the form on our Volunteers page or send us a note on our Contact page if you are interested!

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